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From I-40 in West Knoxville, take Pellissippi Parkway (Exit 376, Hwy 162 N) north towards Oak Ridge. Go 3.7 miles to the Hardin Valley Road exit and turn left (going west) onto Hardin Valley Road. Travel 2.3 miles (passing Steele Road) and HVCOC will be on the right just past the Food City.

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Empowered by His Spirit, God enables us to be imitators of Christ in our community and bring glory to Him. As Christ's ambassadors, we are active in the things that matter to God; love, mercy, justice, assisting those in need and proclaiming God's love and salvation through His Son Jesus Christ to all mankind.

As Christians, we place our faith in God and know that it is by His grace that we are saved. It is because of this that we have a passion for doing His good works on this earth. While our works in no way contribute to our salvation, our deeds and obedience to God's Word are a reflection of our heart and demonstrate our genuine faith and devotion to Him.  Romans 11:6 ,  James 2:14-26 ,  1 John 5:2-5  As Christians, we are called to good works and to be both salt and light in the world.  Ephesians 2:8-10 ,  Matthew 5:13-16 

Ministries at Hardin Valley are grouped into the below broad ministry areas. For each grouping (e.g., Education), there are ministries and a coordinating deacon working under the oversight of primary and secondary contact Elders. For each ministry, there is a Deacon or ministry leader (men and women that have specific desires and skills for particular efforts and typically are identified with a particular deacon under a given area of work) overseeing that work. The coordinating Deacons facilitate and coordinate work across ministries within the group and collectively across all ministries making sure that all ministries are well-coordinated and are not duplicating efforts or missing opportunities.

Mark Luck (Tim Wilson)
David Bond
Larry Cline
Stephanie Hopkins
Chris Luck
   Sound & Lights
Tray Allen
   Special Worship Activities
Tommy Gordon
   Sunday Worship Assignments
John Roberts
   Wednesday Worship Assignments
Wayne Willis
   Coordinating Deacon
Wayne Willis
  Small Groups
Bobby Simpson (Bill Brosey)
   2:42 Groups
Jim Harris
   Coordinating Deacon
Wayne Willis

  Adult Education
Jim Fox (Larry McDonald)
   Adult, College, Young Professionals Curriculum
Graham Fox
   Library & Educational Resources
Carolyn Spann
   Media Services
Sterling Edmunds
   Coordinating Deacon
Randy Gibson
  Children's Ministry
Jim Fox (Wilson Jerkins)
   Children Security
Michael Vann
   Bible Bowl
Ryan & Kristi Atwell
Seth & Laura Rozell
   Media Center
Linda Cline
   Younger PALS (ages 3-4)
Dana Fox
   Older PALS (ages 5-6)
Regena Hughes
Laura Rozell
   Nursery Class
Jennifer Roberts
Kathy Swallows
Pam Wilkerson
   Teacher Support
Alicia Cagle
   Teacher Scheduling
Chris Hughes
   Curriculum Preparation and Development
Heidee Whitaker
   Coordinator of Activities
Chad and Brooke Smith
   Coordinating Deacon
Lee Whitaker
Tim Wilson (Joe Herndon)
   High School Education
Daniel Brooks
   MS & HS Group Activities
Tom Denton
   Middle School Education
John Little
   Youth Involvement
Chris Gilmore
   Youth Policies & Procedures
   Youth Minister
David Schilling
   Coordinating Deacon
Todd Chambers

  Missions and Benevolence
Joe Herndon (Jim Fox)
Rhonda Moss
Pat Lewis
   Prison Ministry
Gary Bickford
   Coordinating Deacon
David Duncan
  Local Outreach
Wilson Jerkins (Larry McDonald)
   Community and Member Services
Tim Grater
Brad Skaggs
   Local Outreach
Larry Cline
   Forever Young 60+
Tom Rucker
   Personal Evangelism
Rick Komistek
   Coordinating Deacon
David Duncan

  Involvement & New Members
Bill Brosey (Bill McKissick)
Tim Theiss
Milton Shaw
   Special Event Planning
Michael Gladden
Beth Gladden
   Coordinating Deacon
Mark Kohring
Bill McKissick (Steve Lipsey)
   Fellowship Meals
David White
Rick Slagle
   Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
Connie Simpson
   Coordinating Deacon
Mark Kohring
  Family Life Spiritual Growth
Bill McKissick (Mark Luck)
   Family Retreat
Bob Arritt
Rochelle Arritt
Brian Light
   Coordinating Deacon
Mark Kohring
  Group Ministries
Steve Lipsey (Bobby Simpson)
   College Activities
Robert and Carolyne Simpson
   Mens Ministry
David Duncan
   Singles Ministry
Barb Wilson
Gary Bickford
   Womens Ministry
Susan McKissick
         Bible Classes for Women - Tuesday AM
Susan McKissick
         Food Ministry
Connie Cannon
         Ladies Retreat
Carol Bledsoe
         Parent's Night Out
Kim Kalle
Teressa Upchurch
         Shower Coordinator
Janice Rosser
         Teen Mentoring Program
         UT Student Center Meals
Tommie and Roger Philips
Peggy McDonald
Nina Fisher
Natalie Connell
   Young Professionals Activities
Robert and Carolyne Simpson
   Young Families
David Jerkins
   Coordinating Deacon
Mark Kohring

Administration & Infrastructure:
  Operations & Support Services
Bobby Simpson (Bill Brosey)
Mike Lawson
Mark McDonald
Phil Butler
Bryan Roberts
   Office & Staffing Support
Mark McDonald
Jane Shaw
Kim Kalle
Tim Royster
   Church Historian
Janice Rosser
   Coordinating Deacon
Jimmy Vaughn
Larry McDonald (Bill McKissick)
   Building Grounds
Tommy Whitehead
   Building Maintenance
Mickey Moss
   Building Security
Jeff Roberson
   Building Use and Scheduling
Mickey Moss
   Electrical Systems
Mark Bentley
Celene McBride
   Long-Range Planning & Utilization
John Strickland
   Mechanical Systems
David Kornrumpf
   Coordinating Deacon
Mark Bentley